Implementation of ISO 9002:1994 – IBM Technology Products co. Ltd.

IBM, which has led the information technology industry since it began, is the innovation partner that helps clients create value through innovation, not only in the products and services they produce and offer, but in every part of their business. IBM opened for business in China since 1993, and has played a vital role in providing advanced information technology, services and business solutions and development in this thriving metropolis since then.

The need
As IBM Technology Products co. Ltd grown its ‘product’ and service offering had become increasingly diverse, as had the range of different customer markets and customer needs that it was attempting to serve. As a result, the company was hoping to achieve the ISO 9002 certification in order to enhance their quality management system and demonstrated to their client. This ISO 9002 Certification was proving to be a barrier to the company achieving its desired objectives.

The solution
Qualitech Management Consultancy Ltd. firstly looked at their existing management system, primarily investigating how the management system had been used and how existing customers interacted with IBM Technology Products co. Ltd. This provided a ‘quick win’, which started to deliver incremental understanding of their management system almost immediately.
We then looked at the reasons behind the lack of document control, speaking to staffs to understand their role and identify any issues with their quality management system internally.

As a result of this initial investigation, an ISO 9002 Implementation Plan was developed which included:

  • A comprehensive ISO 9000 training to all staff, to ensure the quality management system is recognize company wide.
  • Providing consultation on Document Control and to ensure the change management has been implemented fully.
  • Provide guidance and assistance throughout the Internal Audit to ensure the quality management system is compliant to the ISO 9002 requirement.

The result

“... Thanks for the help of your internal auditors and the document control team, we were directed to the right path of handling our documents in compliance with ISO requirements. ...

...The pre-certification is very helpful for us to make more improvement to our quality system. It's also contribute to your excellent co-operation skills. ...”

M. Yarwoods – Managing Director,


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