Profile of ISO 29990

The full name of ISO 29990 is Learning services for non-formal education and training- Basic requirements for service providers, which is a set of specialized standards suitable for vocational education institutions.

ISO2990 is developed by ISO/TC232 of International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO 9001 was released in 1987 for the first time. Since then, all industries have imported these quality control standards to highlight the products and services. Before 2010, when ISO29990 was not announced, vocational education institutions regarded ISO 9001 quality management system as the leading-in standards. However, due to the education industry particularity and complexity, ISO9001 was obviously insufficient to meet the needs of internal management needs of vocational education practitioners. Therefore, in response to the global vocational education quality control, ISO/TC232 developed ISO29990 vocational education and training learning services-the basic requirements of the service provider.

This standard uses term learning services rather than training. The purpose is to encourage vocational educators to focus on providing various services in learning process, rather than only concerned with the final diploma. In other words, we hope students can quickly enter the work state, enter the community and get the appreciation of the society. The standard requires vocational education institutions to advance with times. Because of the changing society and environment, it is necessary to constantly improve teaching programs to ensure the quality of education and training.

Benefits of promoting ISO 29990

International academic exchanges (exchange with member countries of ISO/TC232 International Educational Services Association and project introduction); learn the basic situation and dynamics of international corporate and political teaching; through learning, promoters will learn the international requirements on educational quality management system, thereby may become experts of international educational industry, results assessors, consultants of education and reform education; educational system quality management consultant agencies and education system international cooperative rating agencies and introduction of international institutions. To achieve cooperation between schools and cooperation between schools and enterprises, thereby enhancing the college's reputation in the society and employability of college graduates.

Professional certificate and training

ISO29990 lead auditor training
ISO29990 internal auditor training

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