Implementation of ISO 9002, QS 9000 & TL9000 – Multek Hong Kong Ltd.

With its advanced global technology, Multek is proudly ranked as one of the world's top ten PCB suppliers. The strategic location of our plants with 8 production sites located in 4 continents enables Multek to be the finest and most comprehensive PCB manufacturing solution provider to customers at every corner of the world.
Multek provides industry-leading development and manufacturing capabilities across the complete spectrum of PCB requirements, ranging from extreme miniaturization through extremely large high-speed back-planes.

The need
Multek has traditionally relied upon a very successful Brand Image to generate sales. Whilst ISO 9002 certification remains critically important, changes in the core target audience for their range of products had created a need to further develop more international certifications for quality assurance.

The solution
Building on work that had already been successfully started initially, Qualitech Management Consultancy Ltd. helped to develop and implement a new quality management system for Multek. Consider the marketing strategy of Multek is to further develop their telecommunication and automotive industry market, therefore Qualitech Consultancy Ltd. has provide consultation on the implementation of QS 9000 and follow by TL 9000.

The result

"... Qualitech has been our long term consultancy partner since the ISO 9002 certification of former company Astron Group Limited in 1995. And then ... for QS-9000 and current TL 9000 certification, ...”

Joseph Ho – Quality System Manager,



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