In view of China's rapid development in its chemical industry, more and more international players in this sector are concerned with chemical transportation safety issues in the country. Riding on the back of great success of "Safety Quality Assessment System (SQAS)" in Europe, the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) decided to introduce the RSQAS to China.
RSQAS refers to a universal assessment system that takes into account indicators of quality, safety, security, and environmental
protection of logistics service providers, by which an independent auditor carry out standard assessment with universal questionnaires.

Having accomplished pertinent trainings and qualifications, a RSQAS auditor is conferred certificates from the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM), and the promotion of RSQAS in China is also powerfully supported by the European Chemical Industry Council.

The RSQAS provides an assessment tool on the management system for quality, safety, and environmental protection of logistics providers, and each independent assessment engineer uses the same standard questionnaire. In this way, chemical companies are exempted from heavy burdens of separate and repetitive assessment errands. The RSQAS axes unnecessary dialogues between services providers and chemical companies, so logistics service providers are also relieved from heavy burdens of constant tests and assessments.


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