ISO 19011 (Internal Auditor Training)


Modern Quality Assurance Management philosophy is based on the maxim look after the system and the system will look after the product'. System Review and Evaluation is the means by which we look after the system. Many current material control techniques e.g. Just in Time' and purchasing policies depend upon the quality of the supplies. Assessment and evaluation of suppliers is an essential part of many control systems.

  • Ideal for internal auditing against the requirements of ISO9001:2015
  • A comprehensive set of course notes.
  • A set of Auditor ISO 9001:2015 Check Lists.
  • Clear detailed instruction on quality auditing practice.

Business Benefits

To provide individuals with a thorough understanding of the principles and practices of auditing techniques to meet system requirements (ISO9001:2015) for assessing suppliers, internal system review, evaluation and improvements. The course covers the requirements of ISO19011 Auditing Quality Systems.
What management believe in good faith is happening frequently differs from what is actually happening. Audits are necessary to ensure that they are cost effective. Supplier assessment provides the means for influencing supplier's Quality Assurance Systems and hence the quality of supplies
Course delegates will be able to as a consequence of this course:

  • Be aware of the aims, objectives and benefits of Auditor Training.
  • Confident in interpreting the ISO9001:2015 standard for application purposes
  • Be aware of Auditor techniques including; Adequacy, Procedural, Process, System, Project, Supplier, Documentation, Improvement Auditing, etc.
  • Able to apply to most industrial areas e.g. Manufacturing, Service, Software, Projects, etc.
  • Identifying the most appropriate Auditor techniques to employ.
  • Understand the role of Quality Assurance in controlling projects.
  • Be capable of Quality Assuring Projects.
  • Coherently answer questions regarding Quality Auditing.
  • Be QM&T validated and certificated as a Quality Auditor.

Who Should Attend?

  • Quality Professionals and Senior Management wishing to introduce and manage the ISO9001:2015, the audit programme and quality system auditing.
  • Quality Auditors.
  • Internal Auditors.
  • Project Managers.
  • Project Auditors.

Course Structure

Items covered include:

  • QA Principles
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • Auditors responsibilities
  • Audit scoping
  • Audit Check Lists
  • Audit Programme and Planning
  • Audit Sequence
  • Audit Practice and Techniques
  • Audit feedback, reporting and closure.


The lecturing team is comprised of professionals who have been especially selected for their recognised knowledge and experience in the field of quality auditing and quality assurance.

Course dates and cost

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