IT Advisory and Consultancy Services

  • Business strategies and operation/ processes need to be more adaptive to accommodate the rapid changing business environment.
  • Planning should be conducted in a more coordinate and cohesive way from enterprise consideration to allow proper alignment of business and IT strategy, such as:
    • How to improve IT organization efficiency and support the growth of the organization
    • How to better manage IT and related information management processes
    • What are the strategic options available?
    • What key IT initiatives/ programmes/ projects should be implemented?
    • What are the IT priorities and what are the resource requirements?
    • How to improve the organizational knowledge capability?
    • How to improve competitiveness through business Intelligence?
  • IT Governance and information management

Our Consultancy Services

  • IT Strategy Review and Planning
  • IT Feasibility Study
  • IT system Evaluation
  • IT system Implementation & Integration
  • Project Management and QA Service
  • Technology/ Innovation Management & User Adoption
  • Knowledge Management
  • Web and E-Commerce
  • Business Process Review and Improvement
  • IT Governance and Information Sercurity Management
  • Organization Review and Transformation

Project Activities :


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