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Success Stories

The best way to understand the tangible benefits of working with Qualitech Consultancy Ltd. is to see the results that we have delivered for our existing clients. These case studies explain the challenges our clients are facing and how Qualitech Consultancy Ltd. has helped them.

Industry we have worked with:
1) PCB & Associated Manufacturing
2) Paper / Printing & CD
3) Transformers, Core, LCD, & Electronics Products
4) Telecom Products Manufacturing
5) Household Appliance Lightling manufacturing
6) Toys Manufacturing
7) Mechanical Parts & Assemblies
8) Plastic & Rubber
9) Trading, Service, Logistic & Public
10) Medical/ Beverages
11) Magnetic Products & Machinery
12) Electroplating & treatment
13) Textile, Clothing & Shoe Making
14) Chemical
15) Trading, Retail & Wholesale
16) Computer Parts & Accessories Manufacturing
17) Construction/ Building Service
18) Watch & Watch Accessories
19) Food/ Beverage
20) Farm

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Our Successful Clients :